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Oct 13, 2012 4:30pm EDT
be disposed of here. and while there are no laws specifically prohibiting a compounding pharmacy being next to, well, this, the fda tells us it is all part of the investigation. but there was something else we noticed. look closely at the name of this garbage facility connected to the necc. conigliaro, well, it turns out this is the maiden name of barry cadden's wife, lisa, who is listed as a pharmacist at the necc. we dug deeper, and found out she and her brother are the owners of necc, the recycling facility, and also this medical facility, called the ameridose, now if necc is big, then ameridose is the 200 pound guerilla, ameridose, generated 100 million a year. they do drug manufacturing which is regulated by the fda. but they also do add-mixing, a form of compounding regulated by the state faboard. this lady was appointed to the state pharmacy board back in 2008. we asked them about that, they say she has recused herself from the matter. 8,000 drug orders were placed with them by drug agencies since 2007. together, both these companies produce hundreds of thousands of medica
Oct 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
home to be deposited here. while there's no law with a compounding agency being next to, well, this, we found there's nothing wrong with that. look at the name of this. konigliarno. turns out to be the name of barry cadden's wife. a little more digging turned out that his wife's brother is the owner of this facility. they wouldn't even let us on the parking lot here. now, if necc is big, then amary i dose is the 800-pound gorilla. ameridose, 400 employees generated $100 million in a year. ameridose doeses that. they do add mixing and that's regulated by the state pharmacy board. here's something else. there's a woman named. she was also appointed to the state pharmacy board back in 2008. we asked them about that and they say she's recused herself of all matters relating to ameridose and mecc. both businesses have done business with the united states government. more than 800,000 drug orders were placed by government agencies since 2007. together they produce hundreds of thousands of medication doses and now both have shut down their operations. the massachusetts didn't of health says th
Oct 6, 2012 4:30pm EDT
allowed to prescribe marijuana for medicinal use. here in california, the first medical marijuana law took effect about 16 years ago. but i'll tell you, being out here the controversy is still controversial, and it confuses many people. here to talk with us is the doctor who is the author of the pot book, a complete guide. dr. holland, thank you for joining us on the program. >> it is my pleasure, dr. gupta. >> you know, it is interesting being out here, people talk about this all the time. there are many states where this is already allowed, medicinal marijuana use. what do they typically prescribe the marijuana for? are there certain conditions? and how do people know what the conditions are? >> well, you know, the main indications for using the medicinal cannabis is to reduce nausea and stimulate the appetite. it is used to treat pains that the opiates are not very good at treating. it is also used for a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory, and it also helps with autoimmune disorder, regulates the immune system. so it can be used for a whole host of medicines. >> and it is interes
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)